Work Smarter, Not Harder

We’re in the middle of a government shutdown. People are working and not getting paid.


Because of the Border Wall.

I’m curious what the fascination is with the wall (that looks like will never be built).

It’s a wall.

It doesn’t have magical powers. It won’t stop illegal immigration from occurring. It won’t stop drugs from finding their way here. It won’t stop violent offenses. It won’t fix all of the problems in the United States.

It’s a wall.

It’s a wall that is focused on the southern border of the U.S. Forget about the northern border and who might be getting in through there. Forget about the east and west coasts and people who will migrate through ports or air.

The issue isn’t about border security. I believe it’s a priority across the board. YES, secure the border.

The issue isn’t about illegal immigration. This is also a priority. YES, comprehensive immigration reform. Let’s not make it impossible for people to immigrate so that the only option is to move here illegally.

It’s a wall.

Can’t we think of better ways to use the $5 billion dollars that is being requested?

Well, if you want to spend it on immigration how about we give some money to the immigration courts and help staff the effort to meet with asylum seekers? If you want to spend it on border security why not use it towards better technology at high traffic zones?

It’s a wall.

It is a physical representation of the racism that exists in this country. The hate has always been there, but now it’s in our face…in the form of a wall. Wanting to build the wall and secure only one border and saying it’s because of the drug epidemic or because of violent acts is ridiculous. Mexico (let’s be real, it’s about Mexico) isn’t the only place providing drugs and criminals. They come from around the world. Spoiler Alert: they are grown in the United States. But it’s easier to blame it on the country you hate than outright admit to your racist agenda.

It’s a wall.

People are not working or not being paid because of it. People may not be getting their tax refunds because of it. Every day life is being disrupted because of it. My fear is that the people who are directly affected by this shutdown will get frustrated (rightfully so) and start saying, “The hell with it, build the wall.” My fear is that people will become so desperate that the blame will start to fall on Mexico and her descendents, instead of the administration’s ability to compromise and act intelligently about this.

It’s a wall.

We need less of them.

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