What I’ve Learned From Running

Ok so I’ve decided to start running. I’m going to be a runner. I am running. I am a runner.

Now that I’ve said it, will it be easier?

Well, no…but I can hope.

The decision came about because I wanted a new goal, something physical to work towards. Honestly, I wanted to distract myself from…life.

It’s been about a week since I’ve started running and I’ve already learned quite a bit:

  • The idea of running is scarier than actually running.
  • Stretching before I run makes a difference.
  • Breathing properly helps…a lot.
  • Form matters…even if I look like an idiot while I’m trying to get it right.
  • I don’t care what I look like.
  • I care about how I feel.
  • It helps to have someone in my ear, literally, encouraging me.
  • The perfect playlist really gets me motivated.
  • Even when it gets tough, I know I still have some more left in me.
  • Sometimes a good run leads to some soreness.
  • Stretching after I run makes a difference.
  • Traumatized by soreness, another run can seem daunting but once I start hitting the treadmill…it feels SO GOOD.
  • I really need to invest in a better sports bra.
  • I have to believe I can do it.
  • It turns out, I know I can actually do it.  

Running has been challenging but also rewarding. In the short time since I’ve started I’ve already seen a change in my mentality. It seems so simple on paper: set my mind to do this thing, do the thing, celebrate getting it done.

This physical distraction has actually taught me a thing or two about life. Maybe that thing I’m avoiding can be worked through instead. I just need to focus, prepare myself, and jump in. Believing in myself doesn’t hurt either.

Now if only I could experience this “Runner’s High” everyone talks about…

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