Success is the Loneliest Number…But it Doesn’t Have to Be

We’re living in a very solitary time. It seems like everyone is looking out for themselves. We stay in our lane because what’s happening over there isn’t affecting us so why bother?

What would happen if we picked up our head and paid attention to what’s going on around us? What would happen if, instead of minding our own business, we inserted our nose into our neighbor’s lane in order to help them out?

Success doesn’t have to be a lonely road. Success doesn’t have to be a selfish act. Success is plentiful and there’s enough to go around.

So, how do we help each other succeed?

Say Something

Y’all, words are powerful. Our social media and news outlets are constantly overflowing with updates about how these words hurt this person or how those words affected that person. What would happen if we used our vocabulary for good?

Part of being successful is believing in yourself. You know what helps me believe in myself? Knowing others believe in me, too. It’s not a make-or-break necessity but it sure does help push me that extra inch towards the success I actively pursue.

If you see someone, whether online or “in real life,” who is going hard for what they want, or even if you see someone who is struggling towards what they want, throw them a lifeline:

You’re doing great.

That ______ was awesome.

I’m proud of you.

I‘m rooting or you.

Simple phrases that literally can do wonders for those on the receiving end. Maybe it looks like that Instagram artist has it all together. Maybe it looks like that kid down the street is really confident about their college applications. Maybe it is going exactly how it looks. Maybe it isn’t. Regardless of how things look or what you think is going on in someone else’s life, don’t be scared to share encouraging words when you feel them come to you. Words make all the difference.

Do Something

It’s so easy to hear about what someone is trying to accomplish and just nod your head in approval. It’s so easy to see a post on Instagram about how this someone is putting themselves out there and give them a quick like.

Easy isn’t impactful.

Instead of doing the bare minimum and being polite, we should meet that someone where they are and show them that we not only believe in them but want them to succeed.

What does that look like?

If they make/sell something: Buy It.

If they write something: Read It.

If they organize something: Attend It.

If what they do doesn’t require your money, reading comprehension, or physical presence then make it a point to be there for them in whatever capacity they need. Ask questions to let them know you care. Retweet that post to let others know you are behind this someone.

Words are powerful but actions speak louder.

Be Something

Sometimes the best thing you can do to help someone else succeed is to live your best life and pursue your goals. By choosing to live a life that isn’t always easy but is clearly heading somewhere, you give other people permission to do the same.

Don’t hide away your goals. Don’t be shy to talk about the progress you’ve made. Don’t downplay your success. You never know who’s watching or listening or rooting for you.

Being an example isn’t easy. Being an example doesn’t mean you have to be perfect. Being an example is the kindest way to show and tell others: I’m doing it and so can you.

Success isn’t easy but it’s possible. Make it a point to help your neighbor succeed and you might encounter your own success along the way.

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