Short Stories

Even in the midst of working on my first novel I get inspired to write
something a little different, a little shorter.


Father Daughter Dance: Tuesday, a day like any other. That’s what Megan thought until she received the phone call that would stop her where she stood. Her father had been spotted two towns over. She hadn’t seen her father, Michael, in ten years. He seemingly disappeared on the day of her graduation. She waited for him but he never showed. Her parents had split up years before, and although he wasn’t consistent with his visits, she never expected him to leave completely. Read


Party For One: Tony has admired her ever since they started working together. Little conversations here and there have inspired him to tell her how he feels at a party that he has orchestrated just for her. Will he do it? Or will he allow another chance to pass him by? Read


A Monday Night At Home: All Rodger could think about on the longest Monday in recorded history was going home, sitting on the couch, popping open an ice cold ginger beer to accompany the most epic snack spread known to man, and binge watching Game of Thrones. However, his wife had different plans… continue reading


Speechless: Jason loves his wife and two daughters but he also knows he could be better to them all. Unfortunately, his demanding work schedule keeps him away from home more often than his wife, Angela, would like. Will this be the day that they finally sit down to dinner as a family? Read


Cake: Mandy would make the cake herself, she thought as she resigned herself to facing the day. Today was her birthday. She slowly opened her eyes, knowing that this small action was the ultimate indication of defeat; sleeping in was officially out of the question… continue reading