Things I Don’t Understand: Pledge of Allegiance Protest Edition

The world is messy. It always has been but nowadays, with the advancement of technology, the world’s mess…our mess…is in our face constantly.

We’re living in a time where being informed is the new cool thing. There are those who want to  hashtag it and wear their Coachella ‘fit to the march and then buy the commemorative tee because…they’re woke y’all. Then there are others who are on the front lines whether it’s standing toe to toe with law enforcement at rallies or working tirelessly to get legislation passed or pouring over never ending information and compacting it in an easy format to digest in order to inform the masses.

I’m somewhere in between the two. Continue reading →

Big Mouth, Big Problem?

One of my biggest problems is my big mouth.

Well, I guess it’s not really a problem. I’ve been told it’s a problem but when I think about it,  I’m actually pretty proud of it.

I’m outspoken. I say/ask things that I want to. Perhaps I’m too forward, perhaps I’m too bold, perhaps I’m too honest. My philosophy is this: If I want to know, I ask. If I want to say it, I do. I figure the worst that could happen is that the person who I am in conversation with won’t want to answer or will want to change the subject. Totally fair; I’ll move on, no problem.

While I have no problem saying what’s on my mind, I’ve always hit a bit of a snag when it comes to speaking up for myself. Continue reading →

One Direction Stream Of Consciousness

I was introduced to N Sync when I was ten and my Godfather bought me their self-titled debut album and their Christmas album. I didn’t know who they were but I played those CDs over and over and fell in love. I was obsessed with them and everything they did. I had every album and loved every track. Yes, even Digital Get Down. ESPECIALLY Digital Get Down (R.I.P. Left Eye). Then on Celebrity, there was a song titled Gone and the only solo was by good ol’ Justin Timberlake and I knew right then and there: he’s going solo. I was right, of course. Justified came out and everything kinda fell apart.

I tried to hang on. I tried to love Justin as a solo artist…but I didn’t. He had some catchy singles but nothing that made me want to buy his albums. Then JC attempted his own solo career. I don’t quite remember his single but I do remember the music video, thanks to MTV’s Making the Video. Tara Reid was in it, there was dancing in a truck stop diner maybe? What sticks out to me the most was JC’s hair and his very tight pants that had a shoelace instead of a zipper. I’m obviously still shook. I watched Lance and Joey’s On the Line. I tried to fake interest in Chris’s clothing line (Foo Man Skeet). It was all for nothing, though, because none of them were any good on their own. They needed each other. I mean, c’mon, what happened to Justin after Justified? Absolutely nothing. Poor schlub is probably living in middle America, selling insurance, with like 5 kids and a wife who hates him. #PrayForJustin Continue reading →