Stop In The Name Of Love

Like most people, I am familiar with the music of R. Kelly.

Like most people, I remember hearing the rumors about what took place behind the music.

Like some people, I sat through Surviving R. Kelly.

In the days since the docuseries aired, Robert (his birth name, which is how he is spoken of on the series) has been evicted from his Studio and there is a warrant for his former manager’s arrest. It appears as if justice might be on the way.

It’s hard to watch the docuseries and emerge from it without questions. I’ve heard many of them: Continue reading →

Sometimes Quitting Is Ok

I don’t like quitting. I make lists and goals and I accomplish what I set out to do. I take great pleasure in crossing items off my “To Do”.

This applies to my life and it also applies to what I turn to for entertainment.

If I start a show, movie, or book…I HAVE TO finish. I’m not a quitter.

A couple of years ago, my sister and I came up with a rule when it came to Netflix: If we don’t like what we’re watching after getting ten minutes in, we’d pick something else.

Life’s too short for bad movies.

When I finished college, I had a hard time getting into my first non-school novel. I tried and I tried but I couldn’t connect with it. I ended up putting it away and picking up something else (which I ultimately preferred and LOVED). If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, this story should sound familiar.

It’s been a few years since I’ve quit anything. Shows have tempted me (I’m looking at you, The Walking Dead), movies have disappointed me (Welcome to Marwen = snoozefest), and yet I’ve stuck them out. Until today… Continue reading →

Welcome, 2019

The New Year is here.

Can you think of a better reason for a blog post?

(Don’t answer that.)

I knew I wanted to acknowledge the beginning of 2019 but I debated about how.

Resolutions? I don’t really make those.

New Year, New Me? I like myself and I’m liking where I’m headed.

How about we reflect? Continue reading →

Stop Prepping, Start Doing

I am a preparer. I prepare for everything. I’m that person who packs way too much because I NEED this and that just IN CASE x, y, and/or z happen. This need to prepare overflows into all aspects of my life. For the most part, I think it’s a great quality to have. You make fun, but who’s laughing when I’m prepared for a natural disaster when we only meant to hang out at the park for a couple of hours?

Naturally, I feel like it’s necessary to prepare myself, characters, and overall story before embarking on writing another novel.

I finished writing my first about a year or so ago. Since then I did multiple editing sessions and at the beginning of the year, I sent my first born off to agents. After I did this, I boldly proclaimed on Instagram (which means you KNOW it’s for real):

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