Letter #5


Dear You,

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I got bold.

I asked about you.

Sure, I was worried what people might think of me when I mentioned your name but my curiosity got the best of me and made me braver than usual. Ok, maybe not braver…perhaps a little reckless.

Recently, it occurred to me that the memories I have of you may not be accurate. My head is filled with different jobs I remember you working. Perhaps at one point I thought your job hopping was cool. The spaces in my brain reserved for you focus in on the time we spent together.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I lost a bit of the hunger I have for you.

You never traveled cross-country in the cab of a big rig. You quit.

You never drove a taxi. It was more of a limo. Either way, you quit.

You never came around.

You stopped calling.

You quit.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I missed you a little less.

I hope this doesn’t hurt you. I am not angry. I am not sad. I was given facts and hidden in the truth were flecks of peace.

I have a little more peace. I hope you do too.



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