Don’t Live Life Alone

We’re living in a time that focuses on individualism rather than community. We’re taught that to be the best, we must succeed alone.

What if the world has it all wrong?

Life is meant to be lived within a community; a community that listens to you, encourages you, holds you accountable, and genuinely has your best interests at heart.

Not a single aspect of this life is meant to be lived alone.

Think about it: When you’re a child, you’re encouraged to make friends and interact with others. The first makings of a community.

In high school, teachers often try to incorporate group work into the curriculum teaching us that working together is a good thing (no matter how much we might hate interacting with one another).

Once we leave school, the idea of community begins to fade away little by little.

Sure we still have friends but can we say that these friendships are as pure as they were on the playground? Do we root for our friends without a hint of jealousy? Do we genuinely want them to succeed? Do we help them get there?

There may still be group projects at our 9 to 5 but the overall goal isn’t to succeed together but to come out ahead in the rat race. We gotta get that corner office before our coworker does. Why not push each other forward? Why not raise the bar together?

Even romantic relationships are a group effort! Sure, you may think it’s just you and your significant other but it shouldn’t be. The romance is yours and yours alone but what happens when you hit that rough patch? What happens when you’re in uncharted waters and you have no idea what to do? That’s where community comes in.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of life that requires the love and support of people is the relationship we have with ourselves. There’s a difference between enjoying alone time and living life alone. There are billions of people walking this planet, we shouldn’t have to do life by ourselves. It’s important to talk about what’s going on in our lives with people that we trust.

Whether it’s friendships, work, our romantic lives, or even the relationships we have with ourselves…going it alone means that we think we have all the answers.

Spoiler Alert: we don’t.

Finding a good community isn’t easy but it’s absolutely necessary and beneficial when it comes to the health of your friendships, your work, your love life, and even with your own mental well-being.

Don’t be scared to vulnerable. Don’t be scared to overshare. Don’t be scared to trust people.  

Live your best life with the help of the people around you.

It’s ok, trust me.

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