Dear You, Love Me

Ever since I can remember I’ve always been tongue-tied when I’m under pressure. It could be an argument, an important discussion, anything. If I feel the least bit of pressure, my words will leave me. Typically they don’t return until minutes later when the moment has passed. I’m struck with an amazing response but it’s too late. I want to voice my sadness or frustration but I stumble over myself.

These tardy words used to infuriate me until I decided to write them down. I began writing letters to recipients who’d never know what I was thinking or wanting to say. After I finished putting pen to paper, I realized it didn’t matter whether or not my letters were read. What mattered was that the words were out of me. That’s how I’ve always looked at writing and storytelling: words needing to get out.

The more I wrote the letters the more I wanted to share them.

What better place than on my website?!

It doesn’t matter who they were intended for and when I think about it, it doesn’t matter that I’m the one who wrote them, all that matters is that they’ll be here…now.


Letter #1

Letter #2

Letter #3

Letter #4

Letter #5