Work Smarter, Not Harder

We’re in the middle of a government shutdown. People are working and not getting paid.


Because of the Border Wall.

I’m curious what the fascination is with the wall (that looks like will never be built).

It’s a wall.

It doesn’t have magical powers. It won’t stop illegal immigration from occurring. It won’t stop drugs from finding their way here. It won’t stop violent offenses. It won’t fix all of the problems in the United States.

It’s a wall. Continue reading →

Stop In The Name Of Love

Like most people, I am familiar with the music of R. Kelly.

Like most people, I remember hearing the rumors about what took place behind the music.

Like some people, I sat through Surviving R. Kelly.

In the days since the docuseries aired, Robert (his birth name, which is how he is spoken of on the series) has been evicted from his Studio and there is a warrant for his former manager’s arrest. It appears as if justice might be on the way.

It’s hard to watch the docuseries and emerge from it without questions. I’ve heard many of them: Continue reading →

Things I Don’t Understand: Pledge of Allegiance Protest Edition

The world is messy. It always has been but nowadays, with the advancement of technology, the world’s mess…our mess…is in our face constantly.

We’re living in a time where being informed is the new cool thing. There are those who want to  hashtag it and wear their Coachella ‘fit to the march and then buy the commemorative tee because…they’re woke y’all. Then there are others who are on the front lines whether it’s standing toe to toe with law enforcement at rallies or working tirelessly to get legislation passed or pouring over never ending information and compacting it in an easy format to digest in order to inform the masses.

I’m somewhere in between the two. Continue reading →

Things I Don’t Understand: Belittling People For Feeling

I’ve heard people put others down for their feelings as long as I can remember:

Don’t be a girl about it.

Man up.

Ugh, why are you crying?


______ is so crazy.

Showing any sort of emotion automatically equates you to being incapable of comprehensive thought or being a female or being less than…which, if we’re being honest, all three seem to be wrapped up together, but that’s a whole other post…

2016 took on a whole new level of YOU CAN’T FEEL THAT. Continue reading →