Work Smarter, Not Harder

We’re in the middle of a government shutdown. People are working and not getting paid.


Because of the Border Wall.

I’m curious what the fascination is with the wall (that looks like will never be built).

It’s a wall.

It doesn’t have magical powers. It won’t stop illegal immigration from occurring. It won’t stop drugs from finding their way here. It won’t stop violent offenses. It won’t fix all of the problems in the United States.

It’s a wall. Continue reading →

Stop In The Name Of Love

Like most people, I am familiar with the music of R. Kelly.

Like most people, I remember hearing the rumors about what took place behind the music.

Like some people, I sat through Surviving R. Kelly.

In the days since the docuseries aired, Robert (his birth name, which is how he is spoken of on the series) has been evicted from his Studio and there is a warrant for his former manager’s arrest. It appears as if justice might be on the way.

It’s hard to watch the docuseries and emerge from it without questions. I’ve heard many of them: Continue reading →

I Guess I’ll Be Called “Fat” For The Next Four Years


My name is Ida.

I am a writer, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a Chicana, an activist, a feminist, and I love me some Jesus. I’m also a fatty if we’re defining me based on my reception by Trump supporters.

While I accept the fact that The Donald is our president, I do not like it. I disagree with the throne of hate he sits upon. I truly believe that him taking office was a free pass for many to openly display their hate for other people.

I do not hate Donald. I do not like him, but I also do not hate him. Continue reading →