Am I A Hoarder?

Ok, ok, I know I’m not a hoarder. However, when I find something I like, I do like owning a bunch of them.

Today we’re going to talk about my “problem” with notebooks. Yes, notebooks.

Your girl lovesssss a good notebook. She loves a bad notebook. She loves notebooks.

I have a ton of one subject spiral notebooks. I have a bunch of simple, yet elegant Muji notebooks. My husband gifted me with handfuls of Moleskine notebooks for Christmas. Don’t get me started on what I call “Novelty Notebooks.” They’re the notebooks that have great covers with different sayings or images on them. I have too many of those to count.

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More Than Food

I am the daughter of immigrants.

My mother moved here, from Mexico, when she was 14 years old. All of her children were born here but we were all exposed to a bit of her life from back home. The easiest way to do this: food.

The exposure was limited. Like many immigrants, my biological father (who was born in Colombia) didn’t want us to be molded by any other influence besides the stereotypical Americana life of the United States.

He failed. Continue reading →

Success is the Loneliest Number…But it Doesn’t Have to Be

We’re living in a very solitary time. It seems like everyone is looking out for themselves. We stay in our lane because what’s happening over there isn’t affecting us so why bother?

What would happen if we picked up our head and paid attention to what’s going on around us? What would happen if, instead of minding our own business, we inserted our nose into our neighbor’s lane in order to help them out?

Success doesn’t have to be a lonely road. Success doesn’t have to be a selfish act. Success is plentiful and there’s enough to go around.

So, how do we help each other succeed? Continue reading →

Things I Don’t Understand: Pledge of Allegiance Protest Edition

The world is messy. It always has been but nowadays, with the advancement of technology, the world’s mess…our mess…is in our face constantly.

We’re living in a time where being informed is the new cool thing. There are those who want to  hashtag it and wear their Coachella ‘fit to the march and then buy the commemorative tee because…they’re woke y’all. Then there are others who are on the front lines whether it’s standing toe to toe with law enforcement at rallies or working tirelessly to get legislation passed or pouring over never ending information and compacting it in an easy format to digest in order to inform the masses.

I’m somewhere in between the two. Continue reading →