How I Make Myself A Priority

It has taken me a long time but I have come to learn that I need to take care of myself. Seems like a fairly simple concept, right? Well it has taken me nearly thirty years to internalize the concept and put it into practice.

What inspired this change in thinking?

It’s fairly simple, really. I wasn’t feeling so great then I made some changes and started feeling much better.


Here are just some of the ways I’m taking care of me: Continue reading →

Don’t Live Life Alone

We’re living in a time that focuses on individualism rather than community. We’re taught that to be the best, we must succeed alone.

What if the world has it all wrong?

Life is meant to be lived within a community; a community that listens to you, encourages you, holds you accountable, and genuinely has your best interests at heart.

Not a single aspect of this life is meant to be lived alone. Continue reading →

Five Things To Remember When Life Is Tough

It’s only May and I’ve had enough of the curveballs…(DO YOU HEAR ME, 2017?!)

I’ve been stretched and challenged in ways I didn’t anticipate. I’ve been emotional, more so than usual, and I’ve felt beaten down. There have been feelings of hopelessness and dread. The hardest part of all this isn’t what I’ve gone through and it isn’t the emotions attached to it.

The hardest part has been my inability to choose joy.

Look, you all know that I’m all for riding your feelings, not fighting them. Every feeling is valid and deserves to be felt. However, I also believe that feelings are no place to set up camp.

Feel what you need to feel and MOVE ON. (DO YOU HEAR ME, IDA?!) Continue reading →

When Trying to Remember Hinders Healing

Without realizing it, I try to hang on to memories as long as I can. Many people have come in and out of my life and from time to time I will romanticize the failed relationship, wonder what they’re up to, and try to remember things about them and our time together.

Sometimes it’s fun to reminisce, other times it’s painful.

We all have a person who has left our lives under traumatic circumstances, leaving a gaping hole.

As I write this, I am trying to remember details from ten years ago: Continue reading →