Am I A Hoarder?

Ok, ok, I know I’m not a hoarder. However, when I find something I like, I do like owning a bunch of them.

Today we’re going to talk about my “problem” with notebooks. Yes, notebooks.

Your girl lovesssss a good notebook. She loves a bad notebook. She loves notebooks.

I have a ton of one subject spiral notebooks. I have a bunch of simple, yet elegant Muji notebooks. My husband gifted me with handfuls of Moleskine notebooks for Christmas. Don’t get me started on what I call “Novelty Notebooks.” They’re the notebooks that have great covers with different sayings or images on them. I have too many of those to count.

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More Than Food

I am the daughter of immigrants.

My mother moved here, from Mexico, when she was 14 years old. All of her children were born here but we were all exposed to a bit of her life from back home. The easiest way to do this: food.

The exposure was limited. Like many immigrants, my biological father (who was born in Colombia) didn’t want us to be molded by any other influence besides the stereotypical Americana life of the United States.

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When Life Gives You Orange…

I had big plans for our bedroom. We’d lived in our place for more than four years and I felt like our room needed a face lift.

Sure, we talked about it for awhile but one day we decided there was this furniture piece we needed for our room. It would be the piece that inspired the transformation; got the ball rolling.  

First on the menu: Paint.

We discussed colors, different greys. As my husband was looking through different google images of grey bedrooms we both were struck by the different possibilities of accent walls. Yes! An accent wall would be perfect for the piece. It was decided: Our piece would be centered in the middle of the accent wall, our bed (and basically everything else) facing it.

Grey was a shoe-in, the accent wall on the other hand…so many choices!

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Stop Prepping, Start Doing

I am a preparer. I prepare for everything. I’m that person who packs way too much because I NEED this and that just IN CASE x, y, and/or z happen. This need to prepare overflows into all aspects of my life. For the most part, I think it’s a great quality to have. You make fun, but who’s laughing when I’m prepared for a natural disaster when we only meant to hang out at the park for a couple of hours?

Naturally, I feel like it’s necessary to prepare myself, characters, and overall story before embarking on writing another novel.

I finished writing my first about a year or so ago. Since then I did multiple editing sessions and at the beginning of the year, I sent my first born off to agents. After I did this, I boldly proclaimed on Instagram (which means you KNOW it’s for real):

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