29 Ways I’m Adulting So Hard Right Now

Adult. Adulting. Adulthood. No matter how it was phrased, no matter how cute people tried to make it sound, I couldn’t quite wrap my mind around the concept.

When I was a kid, being an adult meant sitting in the front seat and writing papers.

When I sat in the front seat and wrote papers (sometimes at the same time), being an adult meant having a job and paying bills.

When I got my first job and started handing my money over, being adult meant getting married.

When I got married, being an adult meant having a kid.

I still don’t have a kid but I’ve been married for nearly 7 years, legally an adult for 11 years and I’m barely starting to feel like an adult.

Totally left work early to get my hands on one of these bad boys.

As I sit in the Hog’s Head, on my 29th birthday, sipping on a warm Butterbeer, this is what being an adult looks like to me:

  1. Wanting to celebrate your birthday and saying so.
  2. Being self-aware, knowing where there’s room for improvement, and making the necessary changes.
  4. Choosing to go to a theme park in the rain.

    Raining enough to keep the crowds away? YASSSS!!
  5. Wearing glitter shoes to work.
  6. Making time to do the thing that makes you passionate (even if you don’t make any money from it).
  7. Saying “I love you” only when you mean it.
  8. Paying bills on time.
  9. Holding off on big decisions in order to think it through instead of being influenced by excitement.
  10. Being honest.
  11. Walking away from toxic relationships (familial, platonic, romantic, and the list goes on…).
  12. Being honest when someone asks: How are you doing?
  13. Thinking about whether or not you know the answer/can find it on your own before automatically asking a question.
  14. Saying “no” to peer pressure (#14 brought to you by D.A.R.E.).
  15. Laughing at yourself.
  16. Eating more greens.
  17. Making outfit decisions based on aesthetic rather than practicality.
  18. Thinking of your childhood and understanding that they did the best they could with what they had.
  19. Admitting the outfit decision was a wrong idea as the back of your foot bleeds and it becomes hard to walk in the rain and allowing your husband to buy you a random pair of socks in order to alleviate some of the pain (and then only wearing one of them).

    True Story.
  21. Creating a budget and sticking to it.
  22. Wearing your favorite Harry Potter gear to work with 0 regrets.
  23. Encouraging other people with your words and actions.
  24. Choosing joy.
  25. Speaking up about the things that matter to you even if they don’t matter to the people around you.
  26. Believing in yourself.
  27. Accepting love.
  28. Embracing the quirky things about yourself.
  29. Loving who you are exactly how you are.

Sometimes it’s the serious things that make us feel grown up, sometimes it’s the silly stuff. The point is, being an adult isn’t one event or accomplishment but a feeling and a choice and it’s different for everyone.

Run into it wearing your glitteriest of shoes.

Don’t be scared to embrace adulthood.

You’re never too old to make a wish on yout birthday candles.

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