30 Adult (And Not So Adult) Things I’ve Done Since Turning 30

It has happened. I am officially out of my twenties and toeing my way into my 30s. While most people freak out, à la Joey in Friends, I welcomed it…kinda. Another birthday means another year that I’ve lived…it also means I sound way more distinguished now (Spoiler Alert: I’m not).

Because I’m all about them lists, here’s a compilation of all the noteworthy things I’ve done since turning 30 (about a week ago). Some are adult, some are not so adult…I’ll let you decide:

  1. I avoided acknowledging my birthday.
  2. I finally gave in and celebrated my birthday (and totally enjoyed it).
  3. I collected a handful of free offers without shame.
  4. I went to Disneyland.
  5. I went to (my first) Ska show.
  6. I ate oysters.
  7. I had ice cream for dinner.
  8. I complained about knee pain.
  9. I got a physical.
  10. I got an eye exam.
  11. I purchased a pair of glasses through the eye doctor instead of through a bargain website.
  12. I forgot to replace the expired credit card in my wallet with the updated version.
  13. My credit card got denied.
  14. I paid bills.
  15. I put money into savings.
  16. I ate out instead of going grocery shopping.
  17. I used a little purse that has a cat face on it.
  18. I listened to Jagged Little Pill on vinyl and sang along…at the top of my lungs…to my husband…and my cat.
  19. I got a pedicure.
  20. I did my own manicure.
  21. I didn’t wash my hair for a week.
  22. I avoided the gym.
  23. I promised myself I’d go back to the gym.
  24. I had a Michelada (my first).
  25. I wore a “Birthday Bitch” pin.
  26. I gyrated around the house while asking my husband if I was doing it right.
  27. I took off my makeup and washed my face before bed.
  28. I fell asleep with my makeup on and didn’t wash my face as soon as I woke up.
  29. I quit being a blogger.
  30. I wrote another blog post.

So now that I’m getting up there in years, these birthday lists won’t work anymore. Too. Many. Numbers.

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